Spain isn’t to be exclusively enjoyed in the summer months, once the winter approaches the mountains become a haven of exciting outdoor activities for people of all ages to enjoy. As an owner at PGA Catalyuna you may be tempted in the colder weather to forgo a day of golf and explore the surrounding area by venturing only an hour and a half by car to the slopes of La Molina or Masella. Both resorts together offer one of the largest skiing areas in the Pyrenees with over 100 kilometres of pistes suitable for both beginners and the more advanced skier. If you’re someone who enjoys a challenge there are plenty of black run to put you through your paces and for those who are ski novices and keen to give something new a go there are several ski schools that will help to turn you into that ski pro!

La Molina, is one of the oldest ski resorts in Spain and uses the experience it has gained over the years to its advantage. In 1943 it was in La Molina that the first ski lift was installed in Spain so it’s clearly been a firm favourite for quite some time.  The pistes are always well groomed and it has a ski school offering a hefty 200 instructors so you won’t be short of someone to teach you to snow plough or perfect your turns.

Masella, is one of the prettier ski resorts and one of the most popular in the region amongst ski and snowboarders alike. Although smaller than some of the other resorts in the Pyrenees it has a lot to offer and presents some challenging runs for an experienced skier. The resort is situated in typical alpine scenery where the majority of runs wind between trees, making it particularly picturesque – unless you’re going to be going down the mountain too fast to take it all in! For those looking to learn, Masella Ski and Snowboard school  have over 35 years of experience and will be more than happy to look after you.

If après-ski is more your thing – there is plenty to satisfy! Both resorts offer a selection of delicious local cuisine and there are several lively bars in which you can warm up with a glass (or two!) of vin chaud before heading back to the comfort of your own villa at Camiral.

But you don’t have to put on a pair of skis to enjoy the winter in Spain; you can enjoy the mountains by taking part in a number of other activities. Hire a pair of snow-shoe hiking boots and explore the area, with “raquettes à neige” on your feet, a great way to explore places you couldn’t reach any other way whilst appreciating the stunning views while your feet are firmly on the ground! Alternatively take up the opportunity of a sled ride with a team of huskies…could there be a more romantic way to enjoy the Pyrenees?!

Take a look at this video, great shots of skiing in the Pyrenees! Makes us want to get our ski boots on!