Set into the Costa Brava landscape at Camiral Golf & Wellness. La Ginesta Villas have been conceived by Lagula arquitectes, the biophilic design seamlessly marries comfort, wellbeing, natural settings and a Mediterranean lifestyle. We spoke with Lagula to learn more.


Nestled within 500-hectares of picturesque Catalan countryside, the contemporary, low-density real estate at Camiral Golf & Wellness embraces nature and champions its natural setting – and its newest development embodies this ethos to create elegant properties that seamlessly integrate the Costa Brava landscape.


With views of the 15th hole of the Stadium Course to the west and the Montseny mountain range in the distance, La Ginesta  benefits from some of the best sunsets at Camiral Golf & Wellness.

We spoke with Lagula Architects to find out more about their vision, concepts and inspiration behind the La Ginesta project.

Tell us about the concept behind La Ginesta Villas?

“Our vision was to marry nature and luxury living into one space, making a connection between the land and human living.

La Ginesta pays tribute to the surrounding landscape, with each distinct villa constructed to reflect its local topography. We understood that each project carried out on the site should be part of a whole, without dissociating nature and human action.

Taking inspiration from ancient Japanese gardens, spaces are designed to be intimately interwoven with their surroundings.

Each property merges with the landscape, creating a place of peace, and elicits a sense of wellbeing and natural immersion while protecting the privacy of its inhabitants.

To ensure the properties are symbiotic with their natural surroundings, we built into the landscape, creating a habitable shadow where the land descends and creates an intimate connection with the natural stratum.

This traditional building style is often found along the rugged Mediterranean coastline where homes are built into the rock – we emulated this in La Ginesta Villas’ design.”

What is unique about this project?

“Just like every individual plant and flower, each of La Ginesta properties are different, expressing their own unique identities in their design.

On entering the rooms of aulic length, you are instantly immersed in the landscape through floor-to-ceiling glass doors drawing your gaze outside and down layers of descending viewpoints.

The elongated design emulates the feeling of walking into a forest of trees, the edge of a garden or lemon grove, creating a feeling of privacy and intimacy and rooting La Ginesta into the terrain.”

What architectural challenges have you faced and how have you solved them?

“We wanted to create a space that naturally blended into the conditions of the landscape, while balancing the needs of everyday life and home comforts.

Our aim was to protect the intimacy of at-home living and access to modern amenities, while creating a sensation of wellbeing amidst romantic garden pergolas covered with bougainvillaea and the scent of jasmine at sunset.

Each property evokes feelings from the five senses – in the textures of the materials, in the smells of the garden, in the sound of the water, in the colour of the planted gardens, in the warmth on the skin of a well oriented terrace or in the soft breeze of shade.

For flavour, we have built a space that encourages home cooking and al fresco dining – a nod to Costa Brava’s multitude of Michelin star restaurants whose dishes delight the most elegant of palates.”

What materials have you incorporated into the design?

“We have been meticulous about every detail, carefully selecting materials and sourcing local furnishings to add to the sensory experience. The use of traditional textures and materials creates a serene space to breathe, emulating the experience of sitting on a porch of an old farmhouse or a shaded pergola and watching the world go by, bringing a true sense of belonging.

Natural colours, fabrics and textures feature throughout, reflecting the tranquil Catalan surroundings, and promoting individual’s mental and physical wellbeing.

The sustainable materials, large windows and open layouts invite nature inside with abundant natural light, creating an airy and inviting atmosphere.

The villas feature generous living spaces. Spacious bedrooms with inbuilt wardrobes and luxurious bathrooms ensure the ultimate living experience for all residents. A state-of-the art kitchen seamlessly connects to the outdoor terrace and garden, providing an ideal setting for entertaining guests or simply enjoying the serene surroundings.”

What are the standout features of the La Ginesta Villas?

“If we could explain one virtue of La Ginesta project, it is its belonging to the place.

La Ginesta residences are carefully crafted to harmonise with the surrounding environment, outlined by clean lines, expansive windows, and luxurious interiors that maximise natural light and optimise space, fusing modern design with natural surroundings to create a sense of home.

Camiral Golf & Wellness’ ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation allows residents to live harmoniously with their surroundings and truly enjoy the best of modern living in Costa Brava.”

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