Joaquim Hormigó – Head Engineer and Contractor at Camiral

Grisel Rovira, the marketing manager, at Camiral recently caught up with Joaquim. Here is what he had to say about his work on site at Camiral.

1.Tell us about the construction that is currently underway at Camiral. When will the building be finished?

The two show villas will be ready on the 16th April. Today we are working on things like painting and installing kitchen cabinets and landscaping etc. Overall though, everything is coming together. All the building ends like this: madly fast. After 16th April we will be adding the finishing touches to the interior and exterior of the homes, to make sure that everything is perfect.

2.Which is your favourite plot and why?

My favourite plot is number 11 in La Vinya because it is the biggest and because it’s at the end of the street with 3 sight fronts which means some stunning views. The topography is also perfect.

3.Tell us what makes Camiral special for you?

Camiral is special for me because it offers so much from one location:

  • Pure air produced by thousands of local trees
  • Two top golf courses , the Stadium and Tour courses, at your feet, on the doorstep of your home
  • The sense of community. You feel like part of a privileged village
  • The feel that the best of Catalonia (Costa Brava, Girona, Barcelona, Pyrenees) is all at your fingertips, waiting to be explored.

4. Finally, how would you sum up Camiral in one word…