Award winning architect designing your next home…yes please!

After spending 10 years perfecting both their golf course and infrastructure Camiral Golf Catalunya is finally ready to launch its property development, offering the opportunity for buyers to purchase a piece of pure luxury real estate in Spain. And it’s not only for fans of golf – surrounding the area close by you can find the rich cultural delights of Girona and just a bit further out the bustling city of Barcelona, teaming with fantastic restaurants and fascinating museums and architecture. A real taste of Spanish life.

To be able to match these remarkable surroundings – the developers of Camiral have brought in a trio of award winning architects De Blacam and Meagher, Lagula and Damian and Francisco Ribas to design these unique properties in Spain. Camiral will offer a range of townhomes, apartments, villas and villa plots in the development’s two neighbourhoods, La Selva and La Vinya.

De Blacam and Meagher

 “Quality is a necessary constituent of good architecture. It has to do with the choice of materials, techniques and, through the manner in which things are juxtaposed and put together, the expression of the spirit of a work…….To have this sense and the ability to practice it, with clarity, is the factor that particularly distinguishes the work.”

 Robin Walker FRIAI (Scott Tallon Walker Architects), 26th June 1983, on the work of deBlacam and Meagher.

Dublin based architects Shane De Blacam and John Meagher are at the forefront of architecture in Europe. Established in 1976 they have gone on to make a name for themselves with a strong attention to detail, a non-stylised approach and the ability to ensure any building they work on is unique and of an incredibly high standard – exactly what you want when buying a second home!  They have vast experience with previous projects ranging from residential and private homes to educational buildings and conservation developments.  They have also been nominated for over 40 major national and international awards in the past 30 years – their most recent accolade being named as participants in the 2010 International Architecture Biennale in Venice.

So if you do fancy a home designed by De Blacam and Meagher you’ll need to look to the plots at the ‘La Selva’ development. Using their talents they have been able to work with and use the sloping sites of the plots to their best advantage, using an ‘L shape’ that faces the spectacular views. Imagine yourself enjoying the golf course fairviews while indulging in a barbecue, benefit from the shaded areas while treating yourself to a dip in the infinity pool! It could all be yours!