Cycling fans across the globe are no doubt captivated once again by the thrilling Tour de France, which sees the unstoppable competitors wind their way across France, through sunflower fields and up and down mountains.

Having started on Saturday June 30th and continuing until Sunday July 22nd 2012, this year’s 99th Tour de France will cover a phenomenal total distance of 3,497 kilometers and has gotten off to a seriously exciting start.

Here at Camiral, we have some fantastic memories of this most famous cycling competition, thanks to its appearance in Barcelona over the years. It first came to the city in 1957 and the last time it graced Barcelona’s roads was in 2009. We’ve got our fingers crossed for another appearance in coming years but for now, we’re happy to simply let the thrills of this years’ Tour de France inspire our everyday pedaling.

The perfect way to explore the very best that Catalunya has to offer is by bike and there are some fantastic cycling routes on the doorstep of Camiral. In beautiful Girona, conditions are perfect for cycling as there is a fantastic network of good quality quiet roads, which wind across the Mediterranean lowlands, up through the wonderful volcanoes of the Garrotxa, before finally reaching the Pyrenees.

The scenery in the area is also appealing to keen cyclists; Camiral is surrounded by exceptional natural beauty and 60% of the land remains blanketed by thick forest. Around every bend is another stunning vista, so it’s of no surprise that the region is a cycling heartland. Girona is famously the location chosen by many professional cyclists and teams to train and live, so whatever your cycling capability, there is always somewhere suitable to ride.

For a bit more excitement and adventure, why not try mountain biking in the Pyrenees? The mountains are impressive, with peaks rising up to around 10,000 feet and a rich diversity of species and fauna not found in other parts of Spain. The variety of landscape types make it suitable for all levels of mountain bikers, so don’t miss out on a unique and exhilarating experience.

With all of these diverse cycling opportunities, the residents at Camiral could very well be giving Lance Armstrong a run for his money!

For more information on cycling in Catalonia, visit the Tourism Catalunya website.