We know how important little pieces of advice are, especially when they come from the top, so here they are – a selection of tips brought to you by Camiral’s resident golf professional, Enric López. He has focused on short, sharp, and easy to follow tips that will help you improve your game – let us know which you find most useful. 

1. Align the ball correctly

Rory McIllroy shows you a simple technique to ensure your ball is correctly aligned to its target, something he says is too often neglected.

2. Improve your balance

Lee Westwood claims the most important part of the golf swing is balance and teaches you how to ensure perfect weight distribution.

3. Improve your backswing

Ian Poulter shows you how working on your back swing can make a huge difference to your game.

4. Use the driving range

Rickie Fowler shows you how to use props at the driving range to help perfectly align a shot.

5. Get fit

Jim Furyk tells us why it is so important to keep in shape if you want to play great golf.

6. Hold your finish

Padraig Harrington shows you how to perfect the pivot during a swing and stresses the importance of holding the finish.

7. Don’t fixate on the target

Davis Love III shows you how to improve your putting skills by aiming at a golf tee instead of focusing exclusively on the target.

8. Use the sand to get your ball in the air

David Toms shares a simple technique to help you lift the ball out of a bunker by using the sand instead of the golf club head.

9. Place your eyes directly over the ball

Matt Killen shows you how to improve your putting by ensuring your eyes are placed vertically above the ball.

10. Analyse your swing

Tiger Woods introduces his new iPhone app which allows you to compare your swing either to friends or to tour pros like himself.

However, Enric’s most important piece of advice is make time to practice, be patient and above all love the sport.