The winter months are coming round and sadly summer seems to be fading away. So now that the cold weather is upon us, it doesn’t mean that you should hang up those favourite clubs. Even though temperatures are dropping it doesn’t mean that you can’t keep working on your game, in fact those conditions may enhance it! Here are a few tips so you don’t have to re-learn the game once the spring rolls around.

Any sportsman needs to be realistic about the area of their game they want to improve. Regardless of your handicap, it is vital to concentrate on only a couple of weaknesses to target for the upcoming season.

To start with, the all important grip… A great swing starts with a great grip. Learning the proper neutral grip can be very uncomfortable. The easiest way to work on it is while you’re watching your favourite TV show. Before the show starts, take a practice club (preferably with a training grip on it) and place your hands in the perfect position. While you are watching, you will be concentrating more on the TV show than your grip. Every 15 minutes or so, release your grip, then realign 15 minutes later. If you keep doing this regularly throughout the winter, you will have the proper neutral golf grip mastered as the new season rolls around.

Secondly, the set up position is an area that numerous golfers like to target when training. The proper athletic set up position takes time and effort. Once out of the habit, your body will naturally try to set up in a position that takes very little effort. This means that you may end up in a position that is all hunched over or not athletic or effective. To remedy this, try to set up a practice station at home using a full length mirror. Adopt your proper set up position and ask a friend or spouse to place masking tape on the mirror indicating the desired spine angle, and hip and knee flex. Throughout the winter, keep doing your set up and look to see if you match the masking tape when you are in position. This is an easy way to make sure you don’t get lazy and lose your set up angles throughout the winter.

So… as winter creeps in, keep those positive thoughts and habits going throughout the cold and the snow. When spring finally does arrive, you’ll already be off to a good start!

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