The unique programme helping you stay healthy and strong heading into the winter

Q: What is the Immunity Support programme?

It is a programme designed to bring together nutrition, body and mind in order to complement the immune system, paying special attention to the body’s defence systems.

It consists of different techniques and treatments to provide nutrients and oxygen to our cells, which is an essential part of having a strong, healthy immune system. We use a combination of a diet rich in antioxidants with state of the art technology. Another very welcome side effect of the programme is that it gives us glowing skin!Promoting the oxidative process of our cells, we can repair the damage brought on by external factors such as emotional and physical stress, seasonal weather changes and illness.

Q: What treatments are used and what benefits do they bring?

The treatments at our Wellness Centre are designed to give our bodies’ cells more oxygen, thus stimulating cell regeneration and boosting production of collagen and natural elastin

The hyperbaric oxygen treatment is excellent for this as it provides 20 times the amount of oxygen in our bloodstream, and it also induces a feeling of peace and relaxation.

Next is photobiomodulation, which is brilliant for muscular inflammation and chronic inflammatory diseases as the infrared and LED system promotes soft tissue healing.

The combination of these two treatments strengthen our cells and protect them from the elements that age them. One treatment of each is included in the Immunity Support programme, and our expert team will advise you on the best combination of treatments so you get the maximum effect.

Q: How long does it last?

You have the option of doing a one- or two-day programme, but it can also be adapted and personalised to individual needs.

Q: What type of vitamins are used in the IV infusions and why?The immune system needs a constant supply of nutrients rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Our IV Vitamin in the Immunity Support programme gives these vitamins intravenously to ensure the body receives them directly into the bloodstream rather than the stomach, which depletes many of the benefits. Vitamin C is one of the heroes of this fantastic treatment.

Q: Who should undergo this treatment and is there an optimal time to do it?

It is normal to feel more tired and our minds more introspective in autumn, as the days become darker and the weather shifts. Our bodies typically weaken during this season, we are more vulnerable to stress, we tire more easily, our skin dries and loses firmness and we can even sleep poorly.

All of these combine to weaken our immunity, so autumn is a great time to gather strength and prepare for the winter.

We recommend this programme as a preventative method for anyone who is often susceptible to catching colds or bugs at this time of year.

Q: Should the programme be followed once or multiple times?

Doing the programme once in reaction to a period of physical or mental exhaustion will be a fantastic pick-me-up and will help you combat the effects of the stress.

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