Jeremy Slessor, the architect overseeing the work on the Stadium Course, tells us more about the project

The project to improve the Stadium Course is well under way and we are working hard on the redesign of the 10th hole and the complete renewal of the cart paths.

We are also mulching and manicuring the Stadium and the Tour, clearly defining the lines between the courses and the natural areas by adding wood chips, cleaning the edges of the lake with new grass, planting and landscaping in certain areas and adding white sand to the bunkers for improved playability and visual appeal.

There is no doubt the courses will look better than ever when the work is completed, and we are excited to have them in superb condition for the 2021 season.

The work on the Stadium’s par-4 10th hole is a major project to create a right-to-left dogleg, which will enhance the playing experience and make the hole safer. We recently caught up with the architect overseeing the re-routing, Jeremy Slessor of European Golf Design, who has been involved with Camiral Resort since the early days of its construction in the 1990s. Read on to find out more…

Tell us more about your plans for the Stadium Course’s 10th hole…

“It has been a pleasure to be involved with the Stadium Course since the very start, and it’s been amazing to watch how the whole resort has developed, but in particular the Stadium  Course.

“The work we’re doing at the moment is to move the hole 30-40 metres to the right, which will create a dogleg. It’s just the landing area from the tee that’s moving. We are not making any changes to the green or any of the greenside bunkering.

“The work is all going very well and we are aiming to have it back fully open as soon as possible.”

Why is this work being carried out?

“The work we’re doing is as a result of an issue we’ve had over the last couple of years with the new residential development on the left-hand side of the hole.

“So we’ve taken the opportunity to look at the hole both from a safety and a strategic aspect. This will not only resolve the issue but actually rather nicely creates some more strategic interest.

“By moving the fairway to the right, it will set up some interesting options off the tee and some much more interesting shots into the green. So it’s win-win.”

What’s the timescale for the project?

“The aim is to get it into play as quickly as we can, and we’re looking at very early in the new year.

“We’ve finished all the earth work, so the shaping of the hole is done. Now we’re installing new irrigation and drainage, and then sand will go on the fairway area and then the old turf, which David Bataller and his team had carefully removed, will go back.”

Is the hole still playable while the work is being carried out?

“Yes, absolutely. There are some temporary tees about 126 metres from the green so it’s being played as a par 3 while the work is being carried out.”