The Coolest Party in Catalonia

Last Friday, on what turned out to be a balmy June evening, I was lucky enough to attend one of the hottest parties in northern Spain as Camiral officially marked the opening of their two new show villas; de Blacam & Meagher and Lagula.


Attended by over 200 glamourously suited and booted individuals the sizzling soiree kickstarted the inaugural unveiling of Camiral’s exquisite show villas. At 20.30 Lagula’s ribbon, bedecked in the striking Catalan colours, was cut by the local Mayor and the CFO of Camiral David Plana and the doors of Lagula thrown open for review.


With glasses of champange in hand we explored the captivating interiors which comprise sleek architectural lines, spectacular art work, cutting edge minimalist furniture and huge glass windows looking out onto perfectly manicured gardens and the verdant green of the fairways beyond.

Every conceivable need has been anticipated in both de Blacam & Meagher and Lagula’s creation and functionality coupled with the most stylish of designs have been a priority throughout both properties. These are homes with an attitude that set out to impress.

As the evening continued we spilled out onto the decking at the rear of the property to delight in an array of the most delicious canapes, prepared on-site by the exceptional Camiral catering team (the bite-sized cheese burgers were a particular highlight). To wash it all down we chose between freshly prepared mojitos, champagne, red and white wine. Entertainment came courtesy of a local Catalan band who performed as the sun went down and the dozens of little tea lights lit up the area.

We dragged ourselves away just after midnight, fantasising about which plot we would make our home at the stunning Camiral.