David Batallé, The Green Keeper at PGA Catalunya

Grisel Rovira, the marketing manager, at PGA Catalunya recently chatted with David about his work at PGA Cataluyna, read on to find out how he feels about the property.

1.What is the best part of your job?  

Being part of a product and property that is rated in the top 100 golf courses in the world is an incredible priviledge.  I’m so proud of working hard with my team, every day, to ensure that the playing areas are constanstly maintained and kept the way they belong, always looking their best. I take real pride in the courses and the enjoyment people get from them.

2.Which is your favourite tee and why?

My favourite green is the 13th on the Stadium Course. This green is situated on an island between two ponds, giving a beautiful but challenging starting shot from the tee. Once you are on the green, its shape and its putting lines are surprising, providing a very interesting and exciting section of the course.

3.What makes golf at PGA Catalunya so special

PGA Cataluyna is so special, in my opinion, because as a resort it is completely unique. Most of the holes on the golf course are played downhill, making its replication difficult, unlike some of the flat golf courses. Further, there is woodland at PGA Catalunya, a feature which is not common in the area. As for the layout of the entire resort, it could not be better, it’s beautiful.

4.Sum up PGAC in one 3 words…

St. Andrews, Augusta, PGA Catalunya…..