From our Golf Courses to the Real Estate development and the Hotel we strive to have minimum impact in the environment, taking on projects such as repopulation of endangered species, rain water collection systems and protection of our eco-systems.

As part of the Landscape Integration Project for La Selva Terrace Villas, the transplantation of more than 100 trees follows the same policy, promoting the balance of nature.

Here are three of the trees we have transplanted from other parts of the Resort with a little background on each of them:


“Arbutus Unedo” – Strawberry Tree


Native to the Mediterranean region, the Arbustus Unedo produces masses of beautiful white flowers in November and December. The fruit matures throughout the year turning a rich red colour in September when it can be picked and enjoyed.

The red fruit of the Strawberry tree can be eaten raw once ripe and also make delicious sweet jams and jellies with a dense texture. The fruit is high in tannins and should be consumed in moderation, the high levels of vitamin C and fibre make it powerful antioxidant and it can protect against colds.

The tree provides food for autochthonous birds and insects as well as mammals during the winter months. Non hibernating bees find a welcome source of nectar in the flowers during the colder season.


“Quercus Suber” – Cork Oak

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The evergreen Cork Oak is typical of the Mediterranean area. It produces acorns which provide a source of food for local wildlife.

This tree is highly prized for its cork bark which can be removed without damaging the tree as it regenerates. It grows thick enough for a second cork harvest every 9-15 years.

The first cork harvest is used almost exclusively to make corks for wine and cava bottles. They are particularly appreciated for expensive wines where the cork forms part of the maturing of the wine in the bottle. Cork from subsequent harvests is used for insulation or sound proofing as well as other decorative uses.


“Quercus Robur” –English Oak


The oak tree has a broad spreading Crown with sturdy branches beneath. Its wide, open canopy allows light to penetrate to the woodland floor. It is a deciduous tree and in autumn its leaves fall to be absorbed into rich substrata under the tree. The fruit is known as an acorn and they are edible although slightly different from the Cork Oak acorn.

The oak tree produces one of the hardest and most durable timbers in the world, used amongst other things for crafting barrels for the aging of wine and cava. A barrel can be reused several times to age wines and brings aromas and adds character to the wines and is sometimes used to age fortified wines and spirits such as Port, Sherry or Whisky.