Year-round play is every golfer’s dream, and whilst here at PGA we are lucky enough to enjoy dry, mild winters, elsewhere the wind and rain can dampen even the hardiest golfer’s enthusiasm. So, to keep all you golf-lovers motivated through these winter months we thought we’d give you a few more handy tips for golfing, whatever the weather!

Contrary to popular opinion, winter golf can actually help your putting as the wet, slow putting surface, whether you’re on temporary greens or the real thing, will inevitably make it harder to get the ball to the hole, therefore encouraging you to take time perfecting your stroke. Come summer, putting will seem almost effortless!

When playing off the mats it is important to keep a solid, steady set up especially in windy conditions. Although you will have to make your swing more powerful to make an impact on the ball in the colder weather, widen your stance and try to keep your lower half quiet and steady.

An invaluable tip for playing golf throughout the winter season it to keep your golf balls warm.  Cold golf balls will not travel as far, especially when they are battling against damp or cold air.  When on the course, we recommend that you always carry an extra ball with you and keep it in a warm bag.


You may also want to use the shorter days as a chance to give your golf equipment an overhaul. Start by removing the spikes from your shoes, then clean the spike beds and use a water-resistant spray like WD-40 to protect them. It’s also a great time to give your clubs a new lease of life. If the grips are rubber based and starting to look shiny or smooth, coarsen them up with some sandpaper or a rough-sided cleaning sponge.

For those who truly dislike venturing outside past November, take the chance to practice your swing and improve your handicap indoors.  Either head to an indoor driving range or simply set up a practicing area at home.  Our September post gives you great advice about how to practice indoors and make the most of the off-season.

Have you got any great winter golfing tips that we haven’t mentioned? Get in touch and we’ll add them to our list!