City life is stressful. Achieving a work / life balance is something we all strive for – but rarely achieve. The problem is most people just don’t know how to relax properly.  We are bombarded with stress on a daily basis – news stories on crime, war and social struggles, sounds from traffic, construction and crowds. Pile on a stressful job and a hectic lifestyle, and you have a recipe for disaster.

I recently visited Camiral and was immediately struck by the outstanding natural beauty and sense of peace afforded by the surroundings. Within just a few hours of arriving I noticed how relaxed and happy the golfers looked – and these were surely people with hectic lifestyles and stressful jobs. I was intrigued. What is it about golf that creates such an army of devoted fans? A few drinks at the 19th hole unveiled some interesting facts…

  1. It is an intriguing and relaxing game. Many people play golf at the weekend to unwind from the stress of their weekday jobs. Golf combines a competitive game with a fitness regime and a healthy dose of the great outdoors.
  2. The golf course is a great place for building business relationships and making deals. A study by the National Golf Foundation stated that more than ten percent of new golfers get into the game for business reasons. The golf course is, for many people, a trading floor. Where else can you actively play sport and not be too out of breath to seal the deal? Besides, would you actually prefer to do business at the office?
  3. Golf is a great form of exercise since it requires a lot of walking, in fact the average full round of golf equates to around 5.5 miles, providing you don’t ride the golf buggy all the time! Walking through the golf course helps you to release stress and clear your head. The worse your game – the better the exercise!
  4. Playing golf challenges both the mind and body. The hazards you encounter throughout the golf course demand creative solutions and technical skills that make you think outside the box.
  5. Golf courses are always beautifully maintained, so you can enjoy playing the game on grass someone else has mowed!
  6. The game of golf is a great character builder. It can be very frustrating at times so you get plenty of practice learning to control your temper and be a good sport!
  7. Camaraderie is easy on the golf course. You can hang out with old friends, make new ones and continue the good times back at the clubhouse.
  8. Golf is a great family activity. Teach your children to play and you’ll always have a golf buddy (or even better… a caddy!)
  9. Golf can be played by anyone. It isn’t a very strenuous or physical game and boasts a very low risk for golf related injuries and accidents. Besides, if someone does have an accident – chances are there is always a doctor nearby!
  10. Having a ball is par for the course!