In just two days time, 30 of the world’s greatest golfers will be flocking to Camiral to compete in the final stage of the European Tour Qualifying School. Apart from playing both our world-class Stadium and Tour courses, they’ll also have the chance to warm-up and hone their skills at our newly upgraded practice facilities.

The new driving range at the practice complex is extremely impressive due to the number of different shots and bunkers available for training purposes. Visitors to the practice facilities can brush-up on their approach, downhill, uphill and pitch shots, but also get the opportunity to learn new techniques at the more advanced bunkers. Based on famous golf courses from around the world, the Pebble Beach, St. Andrews and Arizona bunkers are filled with the different types of sand found at each original course. This allows players an invaluable opportunity to improve their play, so that they are ready for any course, any surface!


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