The Lagula Architects at Camiral

Camiral recently caught up with the fascinating LaGula architects to discuss their motivation and inspiration behind the exciting designs for Camiral

1. Can you talk us through the design concept for your La Vinya home?

The house in La Vinya is a framework for a unique landscape. The project itself, is more than building a house, it is creating a lifestyle in touch with nature. We wanted to understand luxury as an experience of returning to original harmony, simplicity, to a life of freedom; a sequence of spaces, sometimes indoors, sometimes outdoors, in order to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle.

2. What inspired you?

The place, without a doubt. The plot itself is privileged due to its location, natural surroundings, its views, sunlight, and its topography. We took direction primarily from two important sources and archetypes. On one hand we turned to the classic Palladian villa.

And on the other, we were motivated by the work of contemporary artists like Donald Judd and abstract projects of intervention in the landscape. Both sources reinterpret a landscape in  incredibly interesting ways.

3. Why did you decide to work with Camiral?

Camiral is dedicated to raising the development of golf projects in the pursuit of excellence. We share their desire in our work to achieve maximum quality and their emphasis on respecting the beautiful surrounding natural environment so as to create a place which is both unique and able to foster this special lifestyle.

4. Sum up Camiral in one word…

There’s a myth that says that Johan Cruyff told his players: “Go and enjoy” before playing the European Champions Final at Wembley. We think the same sentiment applies perfectly to Camiral. So our word for Camiral is simply ‘delight’.

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