Interested in exploring a new country or a rediscovering an old favourite off the beaten track? How about travelling through the north-eastern region of Catalunya in Spain by horseback?

View the beautiful and varied Spanish terrain, as it shifts from meadows full of wild flowers, to thick green forests, to vast mountains and meandering rivers, to the cliffs, coves and vast stretches of beach on the coastline all through one of the oldest forms of transport.

horse riding

Whilst the Spanish terrain is varied, so too is the riding with differing speeds and ability levels to chose from meaning that there is something for everyone. From beginners, who are happy enjoying the scenery at a slow pace to those who want something a little more speed fuelled and action packed. There are numerous companies from which to choose from such as Panorama Trails or Equestrian Escapes  So get a little adventurous, a little active and completely inspired by experiencing the Spanish countryside on horseback.

And when you crave something a little more relaxing and slower paced, Camiral Resort is just around the corner, providing its own stunning scenery in the form of its Stadium and Tour Golf courses.