Latest luxury real estate announced in Girona’s Camiral Resort

Camiral Resort have partnered with RCR Arquitectes, a prestigious Spanish architecture firm consisting of principles and co-founders, Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta, to design the real estate offering, confidently knowing that RCR Arquitectes will make the most of the incredible Catalan landscape. Integral to all of RCR Aquitectes’ work is the surrounding natural landscape.

At Camiral Resort we are very excited to show our new great luxury villa project in Girona. At L’Olivera 4 villa you will discover a new concept of design based on the harmony of the landscape, well-being and the highest quality of life.

The location of the project is not just another aspect of their design concepts. The location forms the physical and metaphysical basis of the project by uncovering the essence of each location. RCR help to unveil the plots individual atmosphere through their creations, which viewed collectively, shape the idea of a hidden paradise that can be found at the heart of every garden. Designed to forge a connection between interior and exterior spaces, L’Olivera 4 explores structural themes that support the nature of the architecture. The prestigious L’Olivera area of the resort offers stunning views across the fairways and surrounding green grounds.

The L’Olivera 4 villa will set the new standard for landscape architecture – placing humans and nature at the centre of the design. The space will contribute towards health and wellbeing, working with the landscape to create a fusion between the home and the surrounding nature to provide the owner of the luxury villa in Girona a comprehensive living experience.

“As in all our works, we have wanted to go one step further, demonstrating the love we have for nature with the main objective that people feel something special, that makes them belong to the location. For the construction of this villa we were inspired by the feeling that this green  transmits, by feeling the proximity of the lake and the character of the golf course. What we seek in this residence is that the interiors and exteriors are completely integrated with the landscape. For this, we have evaded any mass construction build by applying spaces, seclusion and incorporated vegetation”, commented Rafael Aranda, co-founder and architect of RCR Arquitectes.

The L’Olivera 4 villa is not only a home, but also a piece of landscape at Camiral Resort. Designed with the upmost simplicity allowing for maximum flexibility and adaptability, the design focuses on porticoes that look outward towards the lake and golf course beyond, whilst opening into the plot’s interior landscape. Arranged flexibly on the plot, the spaces create inner courtyards to help bring the outdoors in. The façade also reflects the richness of the surrounding outdoor landscape without becoming a barrier. This wonderful example of landscape architecture provides a continual focal point of the lake, a meditative thread that runs through the L’Olivera.

The L’Olivera 4 appears to be suspended in the air with water flowing from the entrance to the swimming pool, creating a relaxing river that draws you into and through the home.  Each space invites its residents to connect with the beautiful surrounding landscape. Inside, the spaces naturally look out towards the golf course. Opening onto the inner courtyards, the outside and inside spaces blend together seamlessly, creating a simultaneous immersion between the architecture and nature.

Another innovative aspect of the L’Olivera 4 project is the partnership formed by RCR Arquitectes and the Project Management company Cercle GESPROMAT. RCR Arquitectes will count on Cercle GESPROMAT to carry out the comprehensive management of the flexible and modular construction process of L’Olivera 4, working in tandem to ensure that the concept is reflected upon final construction.

David Plana, CEO of Camiral Resort, comments “Thanks to its landscape features and exceptional weather, Camiral Resort is an unique space for architects to create and execute their projects to the highest-standard.  When building the L’Olivera 4 Villa, we wanted to create a property that has a special connection to it’s environment in one of the most tranquil plots within the resort.  Pioneering this architectural concept are the masters at RCR Arquitectes, who have honoured the integrity of the surroundings with the villa being a natural extension for the surrounding area. This Villa creates a new residential concept, which will mark a before and after in the architectural line of the Camiral Resort developments. Reinforcing the harmony of our villa design with the surrounding environment and establishing a living experience based solely on well-being and providing the highest quality of life.”