For many, winter means golf hibernation, but not here in sunny Spain so with la primavera just around the corner its time to dust off your golfing shoes and clubs and get on the tees.

The good news is that not playing during the peak season can offer a number of unforeseen benefits. When you return from not playing in a little while you take the pressure off yourself, lower your expectations and therefore relax more. After all, spring is a time for blossoming so let your game do the same!

For most people, exercise usually takes a back seat during the winter, so golfing now is a great excuse to kickstart your exercise routine! Does your lack of upper arm strength affect your swing? (Fact – A golf swing undertakes about 124 muscles in the body) Rotator cuff need stabilising? Exhausted by the end of a round of golf? This is the time to work on your weaknesses and increase your fitness levels ready for the year of golf ahead.

Another huge benefit of golf in the cooler months is that the greens and fairways will be a lot quieter, leaving you free to take your time and appreciate the stunning scenery as you putt your way to par.

And for those who prefer a refreshing wind and invigorating  fresh air to the heat of the summer months, a round of golf at Camiral in the winter and early spring is the perfect choice.

If none of the above have got you excited for the new spring season, then surely this picture of Camiral’s brilliant blue skies will…