Visitors to Catalonia can experience the full force of flower power when the 56th Temps de Flors, Girona’s popular annual celebration of flowers, bursts into bloom from May 7-15, 2011.

Every corner of the old quarter of Girona will be bathed in beautiful, fragrantly scented flowers, and feature wonderfully artistic floral decorations and motifs sculpted into all shapes and sizes, many crafted by local artists. Many private gardens and public buildings of the ancient Old City of Girona, part of the Costa Brava region, will be showing off arrangements – and among the ‘must-sees’ are the Romanesque Cathedral, the Church of Sant Feliu, the picturesque Art Museum garden, the Jewish Quarter, the Arabic Baths and the Onyar river.

Streets, monuments, private patios and even birdcages will also be home to a dazzling array of clever and inventive displays as homes and businesses, including shops, revel in the spirit of the festival in their own unique ways. Aside from the magnificent displays, a host of art exhibitions and mainly outdoor concerts will add to the garden party-style atmosphere.

Jaume Marín, Director of Marketing at Costa Brava Pirineu de Girona, tells us about Girona’s renowned festival:

“What started out in the mid-1900s as a small flower festival has subsequently blossomed in stature, drawing huge numbers of visitors from all over the world, including many enjoying golfing breaks on the celebrated Mediterranean Golf Coast. Last year’s festival was one of the best-attended ever, with visitors enjoying a true flavour of Costa Brava’s rich heritage – not only by browsing the Temps de Flors but by sampling the region’s gastronomic wonders and enjoying the many outdoor activities on offer”

 The Temps de Flors will be held each day from 10am-9pm. For more information click here.  

We’d love to hear if any of you have visited Girona’s Temps de Flors festival before?