Interview with Camiral Resort’s David Bataller

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Why is encouraging women and juniors to take up golf important to you?

In recent years, golf has increasingly been seen as ‘a gentleman’s game’, ‘not welcoming to women’, ‘very insular’. However, at Camiral Resort, I believe we have always been a forward-thinking and family-friendly venue that encourages female participation and is keen to develop the next generation of golfers.

So as part of my new role, I am committed to build on this ethos and support our Head Pro, Enric Lopez, and his team’s continued commitment to help grow Camiral Resort’s golfing family through new activities, tailor-made programmes and special events, which all tie in with important ‘appeal’ factors of being outdoors, relaxing and spending time with family and friends.


What can women expect this year at Camiral Resort?


Every other Monday, Enric will continue to run the ladies-only coaching session, which has proven very popular over the years. New players have been attracted not just because of its flexible playing options, access to facilities and coaching opportunities, but also thanks to the session’s social, relaxed atmosphere, leisurely, post-lesson lunches, and charitable events – including an annual Christmas dinner – which the players themselves organise.

We will also repeat our involvement in the International Women’s Golf Day (WGD), with a special one-day event aimed at helping females engage with the game and try it out for the first time in a fun, non-intimidating environment.

In addition, we will be introducing a number of new sessions throughout 2017, including Ladies Days and Tournaments as well as an extension of our Junior programme, which will not allow our female visitors to take their first steps into golf, but also enable them to enjoy our venue’s plush surroundings, relaxed atmosphere and first-class facilities, as well as discover some of our region’s delicious local delicacies and renowned wines – all in the aim of growing Camiral Resort’s golfing family.


What about junior golfers?

05-11-16- Jornada del clinic Sergio Garcia Junior Academy (SGJA) al Camiral Resort de Caldes de Malavella. Foto: Toni Vilches Fotografia per Camiral Resort.

Our collaboration with Spanish golfing icon Sergio Garcia and his first Junior Academy here at Camiral Resort, has been pivotal in us reaching the next generation of golfers and young stars of tomorrow.

The tailored Saturday sessions run by Enric and his team, have seen numbers grow steadily since the Academy opened in 2012, and will continue to focus on providing junior golfers with the right tools and teaching techniques to help them progress within the game and, most importantly, to have fun.

There will also be a series of Summer Camps that will run from July to August which will provide bespoke interactive sessions where junior golfers can learn the fundamentals of golf, develop their game and get a taste of what it’s like to train with a professional. Some of these will be complimented by group tennis lessons, again, tailored to focus on different aspects of the sport, according to their age group and physical development.


For more information on the ladies sessions and junior programmes, please email us