After much anticipation, we can exclusively reveal the final line up of the FC Barcelona and Real Madrid derby taking place at Camiral, 25th November.

Representing FC Barcelona we have:

  1. Jesus Pereda Temino
  2. Jose Ramon Alexanco Ventosa
  3. Aitor ‘Txiqui’ Beguiristain Mugika
  4. Jesus Angoy Gil
  5. Julio Salinas Fernandez
  6. Hristo Stoichkov
  7. Francisco “Paco” Martinez Diaz
  8. Angel “Pichi” Alonso Herrera

And for Real Madrid:

  1. Jose Martnez Sanchez “Pirri”
  2. Alfonso Perez Munoz
  3. Santi Aragon Martinez
  4. Ricardo Gallego Redondo
  5. Isidoro San Jose Pozo
  6. John Benjamin Toshack
  7. Sebastian Losada Bestard
  8. Carlos Alonso Santillana
  9. Patxi Salinas Fernandez
  10. Ramon Calderon Ramos
  11. Marcus Alonso Pena

We cannot wait to see these rivals fight it out on the Camiral fairway…especially as the top two players win a membership at Camiral!

Watch out for footage of this great event, coming soon to