Beyond the golfing masterpiece that is Camiral, lies a property development with eco-luxury at its core. A consciously low-density development, each property is set within an average of 1.4 hectares and sits within the harmony of its natural surroundings. The residences at Camiral offer a perfect balance of eco-friendly features and open-plan living. Further to this, as a founder member of Sustain Worldwide, Camiral assists in managing homeowners’ environmental management of their homes as well as the design and construction. Sustain Worldwide was set up in 2010 to promote sustainable development in the international property industry. Camiral prides itself on being among the most notable golf resorts in Spain in terms of eco-luxury, below are just some of the resort’s eco aspects that feature in each home – * Solar panels for heated water * Natural gas cookers * High-efficiency electrical appliances * Double-glazed windows and sliding glass doors * Programmable lighting sensors to save energy * Gas water heaters * Concrete and ceramic block construction * Ceramic tile roof with foam applications Keep an eye on next week, information on the residences specifications to come!