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Family is one of the most fundemantal aspects of Spanish culture, with extra importance bestowed on the mother figure. El Dia de la Madre (Mother’s Day) is celebrated throughout the whole of Spain, and often to a much greater extent than in other European countries.

This year, Mother’s Day takes place on 6th May and children shower their mothers with gifts and poems they have written in her honour. In Spain, the tradition also has a religious aspect and is strongly linked to praising the Virgin Mary. As a consequence, there is often a special church service held for mothers and their children to attend.

As with most Spanish celebrations, an abundance of food is involved during Mother’s Day, from the sweets and cakes given by the children to the large dinner enjoyed by the whole family. Many Mums in Spain proclaim El Dia de la Madre to be a bigger celebration than their birthday, and it is easy to see why.

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Camiral is the perfect destination. She will relax in the Spa or join one of the Activity of the Resort. if she prefers a more active pursuit, treat her to a round of golf at Camiral’s award-winning Stadium Course.