H_3204810_20170428151613-kUJB--656x931@LaVanguardia-WebSince the inaugural festival in 1954, the annual Girona Temps de Flors has been transforming the historical city’s monuments, courtyards and streets into unique ornamental gardens, filling the Barri Vell (Old Town) quarter with spectacular floral displays and magnificent aromas.

In addition to the beautiful flowers, the festival is also a celebration of art, with local artists creatively fashioning plants and flowers into striking contemporary sculptures. These are strategically placed around Girona’s patios, cobbled streets and urban locations, capturing the imagination of the thousands of local, national and international visitors.

Restaurants also get into the festival spirit, with many hosting Gastroflors events, where themed menus are created to offer a floral twist on traditional favourites, featuring certain flowers as an ingredient in their dishes.

At Camiral Resort, Hotel Camiral’s Executive Head Chef, Ramon Simaro Gómez, will be combining the floral tones of elderflower, rose and lavender with the rich flavours of locally-sourced produce to create his own flower-inspired Menu de Flors.

Temps de Flors

From the welcome cocktail of viola cornuta cava and the smoked sardines coupled with elderflower and rose vinaigrette, through to the wild sea bass accompanied by borage flowers, and finished off by a marigold mousse with flower jelly and crispy violets, patrons of the 1477 Restaurant will be able to sample some creatively floral concoctions, between May 13-21, 2017.

So why not let your taste buds ‘blossom’ by trying something new!

To find out more about the special Menu de Flors and what’s on offer at Camiral Resort between May 13-21, please contact the 1477 Restaurant at restaurante1477@pgacatalunya.com | +34 972 18 10 20