As one of the games top head professionals, Enric López, Head Professional at Camiral Resort, was approached by one of the leading titles within the golf industry, Golf World, to share his expertise in a series of instructional articles for the magazine’s discerning golf audience. In the articles, ‘Escape like a Tour Pro’  and Master ‘hazardous’ sand shots  Enric shared some of the secrets the top players employ to emerge unscathed from tricky situations, all of which can be easily incorporated into your game.

With a new year and a new golf season upon us, now is the ideal time to take advantage of Enric’s tips and best practice techniques and make some one-on-one time with him part of your golfing resolutions for 2015.

“One of the best ways for people to begin a new season is to spend some time with a golf professional to develop a roadmap towards achieving their goals and building from a good foundation,” comments Enric.

In order to design a ‘solution’ and a roadmap towards putting his teaching into practice, Enric believes it is important to first determine the ‘why’ – why do you play golf?

For some it is social, for others it is a form of outdoor exercise, while there are those who embrace the competitive nature of the game but for many it is just fun. Once the ‘why’ has been identified and an assessment of what is working well and what needs some enhancing has been done during a one-on-one lesson, a list of priorities and goals can be developed and strategies for achieving them can be put in place.

It is essential that we never lose perspective and forget our ‘why’. It can of course change – and often does – but then so will our strategies and our ‘solutions’,” comments Enric.

“It is also important to keep it simple, attainable and fun. Goals can always be updated, challenges can always be added. The important thing is that each player is in control of their own golf destiny by choice”

“For this, our TPI teaching programmes are excellent. They are a globally-recognised curriculum designed to enable players to develop age-appropriate skills and implement drills designed to maximise their full athletic potential, not just the golf swing. This helps to make the game more enjoyable for those just starting out, which is key, as I believe the most important thing when encouraging people to take up golf is for them to have fun. If they enjoy themselves now, like the sport, and decide they want to train more in the future, then they will have an opportunity to become a great player”

“At Camiral Resort, we aim to encourage more people to take up the game of golf and provide the training facilities and teaching programmes to enable this to happen. So I look forward to seeing you at the Camiral Golf Academy and helping you achieve your golfing aims for 2015.”

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Enric López is a fully certified TPI Level 2 and Junior Coach 3 instructor, and is part of the Stack & Tilt Network of coaches.