Golfers from Sweden, the UK and France top the list of global nationalities who have visited Camiral Resort during 2011, according to the findings of a survey.

Visitors from the three countries have together taken more than half of the golfing breaks at Camiral. Together they constitute 39% of the 68% of tourists from across the world who have enjoyed a memorable stay with us during the first half of 2011.

Sweden tops the list at 15% with the UK and France each providing 12% of tourists to the Catalan destination. The six other European countries with the most visitors are Germany (5%), Norway (4%), Ireland, Holland and Denmark (3% each) and Finland (2%); visitors from other parts of the world together account for 9%.

Spanish residents, unsurprisingly, have provided almost a third (32%) of the business for Camiral Resort.

The booming popularity of low-cost airline flights from hubs across continental Europe has opened up the region for travellers from all countries – with Camiral Resort conveniently located within easy driving distance of Girona-Costa Brava and Barcelona International airports.

In addition, the historic city of Girona and the wider Costa Brava together offers visiting golfers beautiful weather and a wealth of authentic Catalan attractions – including gastronomy, with the picturesque coastal region home to more than 20 Michelin-star restaurants.

In a list of the top five destinations visited by UK tourists so far this year, revealed by budget airline easyJet, Spanish resorts claimed three of the places with Costa Brava second in the Iberian country only to the traditional holiday favourite of Costa del Sol.

Explaining why Camiral Resort has proven particularly popular with golfers from Sweden, the UK and France, Miguel Girbes, Golf Manager at Camiral Resort, said: “In previous years our visitor base was half Spanish and half international. Now the latter has risen to 70% as we have become a more ‘international’ resort, mainly due to the increased awareness created by the Top 100 rankings and our commercial efforts to drive up visitor numbers across the markets of continental Europe.”