‘Golf might not be on the Olympic menu, but it’s still the clear favourite on British overseas property wishlists.

An estimated 160,000 Britons own overseas holiday homes next to courses, a figure that has risen by 20 per cent since the downturn. Most are in the traditional golfing fortresses of Portugal, Spain and Florida. But there are a number of more offbeat locations too.

The reasons are obvious. They guarantee lush, open views. Not just for players out on the course, but for the family members looking for a more relaxed pace of life. Resorts are also usually gated, so offer security and peace of mind.’

They often have a little stardust as well. Veterans such as Arnold Palmer, Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus design many of the resort courses. Celebrities, both golfing and otherwise, have holiday homes on them. Ian Woosnam has a house on the Royal Westmoreland Resort in Barbados, along with Michael Vaughan, Wayne Rooney and Andrew Flintoff.

So slip on that check sweater and step up to the tee, as we take a swing at the top-10 golf properties around the world.

‘The Stadium Course, a 741-acre estate near Barcelona, is often in the top 10 of European course league tables. Even so, prices are modest by golf standards, thanks to the economic situation in Spain. Flats go from £201,000 and town houses from £560,000. Buyers get rental deals with Pyrenees ski resorts and a Costa Brava beach club.’

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