Residents may remember that back in May the Camiral welcomed a million new honeybees to the resort. Thanks to the expert care of in-house biologist Oriol and a local apiculturist, the scheme has been successful and we’re now ready to launch our first batch of house-made honey across all of the restaurants and the Pure Food Market.

From their hives along the south border of the property the bees collect nectar from our own organic gardens and the surrounding Natural Park, which contain largely endemic species. In return they give us a superior, amber-coloured honey that tastes deeply of the region. Try it swirled into yogurt at breakfast, or lavished over ice-cream for dessert, and we promise you’re in for a gastronomic treat.

Apis Mellifera Iberiensis, commonly known as the black bee, is typical to central Catalunya, but has been endangered since the 1950s and 60s when the use of pesticides and insecticides became more commonplace. Although agricultural practises have become much more bee friendly since then, the recent invasion of the Asian Wasp, which migrated across the Pyrenees from Southern France, has posed a new threat.

Oriol’s mission to reintroduce the bee to a happier environment where endemic flora enable it to yield better honey while keeping the wasps at bay has been a great success here at the Camiral. We’re looking forward to bringing you plenty more honey over the coming months and years.