The Sergio Garcia Junior Academy – Camiral Resort has just completed its second year in operation, and the Ryder Cup star and the resort are celebrating another successful year for their junior golf academy.  This collaborative initiative was launched in 2012 by the Sergio Garcia Foundation and Camiral Resort.

The renowned Spanish golfer and Camiral Resort wanted to celebrate this special date together with all their students. The anniversary celebration took place this morning at the facilities in this golf complex.

“As every year, I am really proud to see the excellent work that Camiral Resort is doing with my Foundation and I’m amazed to see how quickly the students have improved their technique and discipline. The team of trainers here are doing a brilliant job. Every year we are seeing younger and younger children getting into golf and it’s a real privilege for them to be able to practice their skills at a first-class golf course like this”. It is a real pleasure, every time I visit, to be able to share everything that these kids have learned, and above all to watch them enjoy it and have so much fun doing something they love, which is really important at this age” added Sergio Garcia.

During the event, Sergio Garcia led an ‘Adapted Golf’ session with a group of young people from Consorci Sant Gregori, a non-profit organisation that helps people with physical and mental disabilities. He also conducted a golf clinic and played a three-hole exhibition match with the academy’s students, giving them the chance to demonstrate the skills they have learned thanks to the professional training they have received over the past two years at the best golf course in Spain.

Since its inauguration in November 2012, the Sergio Garcia Junior Academy has seen its students steadily evolve as golfers thanks to the commitment and professionalism of its excellent trainers. Sergio Garcia hopes to be an inspiration to these budding golfers so that they will go on to support this sport in the future and so that the number of golf fans continues to grow in Spain.

The Sergio Garcia Junior Academy was created not only with the aim of offering elite training for its students, but also to make golf more accessible to children and young people with different physical and mental disabilities by promoting ‘Adapted Golf’.