Ivan Arbonés, Food & Beverage Manager at Camiral

Life at Camiral recently caught up with Ivan Arbonés to hear what he has to say about the resort

1) How long have you worked at Camiral for?

I started working at the resort in September 2008, and I was lucky enough to open the resort’s brand new clubhouse which had a been a great hit with members!

2) What are the member’s favourite dishes at the clubhouse after a long day on the courses?

They love everything on the menu, of course! But I would say the most popular dish would be our fresh Tuna Tataki, it is my favourite dish of the year too.

3) Do you source your ingredients locally?

Absolutely! All ingredients we use are sourced locally. We take great pride in what our region produces, there is no better place to find the freshest, tastiest produce.

4) Sum up Camiral in one word?