We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Tesla, launched last month with the official opening of 10 Superchargers located next to Hotel Camiral. Tesla owners can now charge up to 270km in 30 minutes while enjoying the hotel facilities. The new chargers are the latest step in a series of initiatives to help promote local and global sustainability.

Since its very early days, the resort has adopted measures such as the use of recycled water and the optimization of resources to reduce the consumption of energy through the use of new alternative sources such as geothermal and photovoltaic systems. But in the past two years the resort has extended these measures to the protection of endangered species, the creation of a biologic zero-mile kitchen garden and the adoption of 1 million bees that live in the resort since May and will soon start delivering their very own local honey.

The new electric charging programme will be completed later this summer with the opening of a further 4 universal chargers at The Clubhouse.