Grab your flag, don your dancing shoes and descend on Barcelona for La Diada, the Catalan National day. La Diada honours the Catalan troops that defended the city of Barcelona in the Spanish Succession War (1700-1714) and were defeated on the 11th September 1714. From this day on, Catalonia lost its independence within the Spanish Crown and the Catalan language was prohibited. Spain was therefore officially born as a country and in 1980, the Government of Catalonia proclaimed the 11th September as the Catalan National Day. 

To this day thousands of people gather into the Plasa Fossar de les Moreres, an almost holy place built over the cemetery of the brave Catalan soldiers who lost their lives in the Siege of Barcelona. Throughout the day there are political demonstrations, concerts and celebratory events. Many citizens wave senyeres (Catalan flag) and estelades (unofficial flag) to show their pride and dedication. Activities take place all over the city including dancing, singing the Catalan national anthem and dazzling castellers (human towers).

The centre of the celebration is the Generalitat, the Catalan Government, in Placa Sant Jaume. A very important tradition is laying flowers at the monument of Rafael Casanova, leader of the Catalan resistance, at the time of their defeat. He is also seen as a symbol of the Catalan’s ongoing fight.

La Diada, in Barcelona, is situated approximately 60 miles away, if travelling from Camiral Golf Resort and is well worth a visit. If you find yourself in Barcelona on the 11th September then spend some time at the demonstration, go to one of the concerts or just simply stand in the famous Plasa to offer a bit of respect to a proud community with such a great history of war and growth. Have you ever been lucky enough to be in Barcelona on this celebratory National Day?