Iván joined the PGA Catalunya Resort team in June 2016 to head up our sports and outdoors activities and events. Dedicated to help residents, Iván has a strong background in personal fitness training and nutrition. His work has taken him from helping to create better school dinners in his hometown of Lleida to volunteering at orphanages in Peru, to creating personalised diet and work out plans for anyone looking to make some lasting lifestyle changes.

“The PGA Catalunya Resort is in such a privileged position situated right between the Costa Brava, the Pyrenees as well as being about 15 minutes from the historic charms of Girona, and about an hour from the capital, Barcelona,” he explains. “This alone has so much potential in terms of the activities we create, but when you combine this with one of the best hotels in the region and some of the best golf in the world we have the opportunity to create truly ground breaking experiences for residents. It’s this extraordinary environment that motivates me and gets me excited about being here every day, and I can’t wait to translate that into new possibilities for guests and residents over the coming months.”.

Throughout this Summer, the team organised over 50 activities for Residents and Resort guests and the team will soon introduce new ideas for the coming months.