We’ve now integrated our running paths into bike-friendly trails also, offering bike rental at a small fee from the Residents Club where you’ll also be provided with a backpack with water a towel, maps, gloves and a helmet before setting off. We have three different routes covering five kilometres of natural terrain around the resort. The 3k La Balca circuit is easy and a great way to get into the habit. The 3k La Selva circuit is medium level for regular, but not too ambitious joggers, while the 5k Vilobí circuit provides a challenging run for a good level of fitness.

But the options don’t stop there. The Camiral Resort is fortunate in being right on the path of the Vías Verdes, a network of green biking trails on a disused railway line that criss-cross a good chunk of the region offering much longer trails. From nearby Caldes de Malavella it’s possible to traverse multiple routes from the mountains of Montseny to the port towns of the Maresme with lots of much shorter options scattered in between. Excellent maps are available, along with tips for where to stop along route, so please do stop by to and chat with us about planning a route to suit you.