How about some fantastic live music? Lucky for us at Camiral there are two fab music events in June right on our doorstep here in Barcelona, where the streets come alive with music and performance. This year the temporada de’estiu (‘summer season’ in Catalan) kicks off with…

SONAR Festival (14 – 16 June)

Running into its 19th year, this International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia sees some of the most innovative artists and film makers from around the world displaying their talents. Sonar has grown from strength to strength and is now established as one of Europe’s most well-known music festivals, bringing theworld’s top DJs, record labels artists and music fans back to Barcelona each year.

The 2012 line-up includes great artists and bands, including Lana Del Rey, Fatboy Slim, Friendly Fires, The Roots, and James Blake (DJ Set), to name just a few. There are two different sites – ‘Sonar by Day’ which is in the city centre and set inthe grounds of the Barcelona Museum Of Contemporary Art and ‘Sonar by Night’that is further out of town and a benchmark of cutting-edge electronica music. The festival is different from any other festival; it is a cultural experience beyond music. Artist showcases and cinema screenings also play a major role, which is arefreshing contrast to traditional saint-festivals. Visit the official Sonar website for more information.


Madonna Concert 2012 – Great news to all you Madonna fans! The irresistible Queen of Pop is back on tour again and will be coming to Barcelona for a concert to be held onJune 20 at Palau Saint Jordi.

Barcelona ~ the only Spanish city that the singer is playing on her ‘World Tour 2012’. It’s sure to be a night to remember as her concerts are always spectacular,each one more breathtaking than the last. The ‘Queen of Pop’ will be playing songs from her new album but fans will also be able to sing along to hits like Hung Up, Like a Prayer or Material Girl. Visit the Madonna Tour Website for more information.

So Camiral’s playlist continues to grow! Live music added to our already heady options list that includes Golf, Local Festivals & Culture, Hiking & Biking, Gastronomy (yes, food and wine!), Beach Clubs & Spas and Skiing too ~ welcome to sensory overload!

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