Two years ago was Sergio Garcia Junior Academy of Camiral resort founded. To celebrate the anniversary of the Star of the Ryder Cup and the Resort the good development of the Junior Golf Academy, an initiative of the cooperation between the in 2012 Foundation Sergio García and the Camiral Resort was built.

The prestigious Spanish golfer and the Camiral Resort wanted to celebrate this special day with all students. The ceremonies took this morning in the facilities of the golf complex instead.

„I’m very proud of the excellent work of the Camiral Resort, and my foundation every year. It is a surprise to see the progress made in such a short time the students. The work of the coaching staff certainly deserves the highest recognition. Our sport receives rain inflow of younger and younger children, for whom there is a special incentive on a premium golf course to train like this. “

„It is a pleasure to note the success of learning at every visit and to see especially how much fun they have going for it is at this age the most important thing,“ said Sergio Garcia .

During the event, led by Sergio Garcia also a lesson „Golf without barrier“ with a group of young people of the Consortium Sant Gregori – a nonprofit organization that takes care of physically or mentally handicapped persons. In addition, he gave a lecture on stroke techniques and led a show about three golf holes with the students of the Academy through which it could make its progress through the professional training of the last two years on the best golf course in Spain to the test. *

Since its opening in November 2012, can Sergio Garcia Junior Academy thanks to the dedication and professionalism of their excellent trainer refer to a rapid development of their students. Sergio Garcia has set itself the goal of serving the young golfers as inspiration and the number of followers of this Sports in Spain continues to increase.

The Sergio Garcia Junior Academy is, however, intended not only as a school of the future golf elite, but would like to bring the sport of golf with their program „Golf without barrier“ to children and youths close with various physical or mental disabilities.