Damián Ribas is one half of the architectural firm Ribas Arquitectos ; with his brother Francisco for more than twelve years, he has now been with the Camiral together. The architectural work of both is in Spain in high esteem, and not without reason. Her most famous projects is the really impressive clubhouse of the Camiral Resort, in which they succeeded to create a seamless connection between the natural environment and’s most exciting contemporary design. In the granted us 60-second interview Ribas addresses some key aspects of his work and puts us his ideas with regard to the architectural design concept of the objectives pursued by Camiral residential and settlement program dar.

What made you interested in the Camiral in particular?

Camiral has interested me from the very beginning and addressed, just because it was a project and that with the greatest responsibility is promoted and coherence. This ensures that the changes made ​​on site construction and completion of development work in the future as a model for other urban projects can be used.

Tell us a little bit of planning and design phase of the clubhouse. What was the reaction of the members?

The first clubhouse we had built about ten years ago. Since the golf course but over time got more and more supply and also at the international level has been increasingly in demand, we needed a new and larger building, especially to members and visitors accommodate accordingly.

After completion of the renovation work then everyone was excited by what we had created there, and the new clubhouse was the Camiral a completely new image.

If you revert to the style of the clubhouse and at the homes?

In our projects, we always try to let us initially inspired by the local conditions such as listening to our customers‘ attention and to include their needs due. In this particular case, but we assume in addition also some echoes of the architectural design of the clubhouse to so enforce a uniform aesthetic line for the entire system can.

What in your opinion, distinguishes you as an architect? What the typical Ribas style is expressed?

In this context, I must first of all remember that Ribas Arquitectos is a family business that has been around for forty years now and was shaped by three successive generations. Already this fact alone makes us in our industry in some way unique. Another, equally distinctive aspect of our office is that we feel full respect of the respective environment committed and want to add a distinctive personal character to any project with which the customer can actually identify. In this way, the projects we create are divided not only seamlessly in the relevant environment, but instead they show up against the natural aging process also largely immune.

Where is your office?

We sit in Barcelona , a city that – for me at least -.’s the ideal habitat for an architect
Play golf itself? And if: you have ever played here at the Camiral?

Back when I was younger, I played more often. But in recent years, the sailing has become my only real passion. Which is not to say, that I do not now and then times take a bat to hand and golfing also really had fun.

What do you consider your most important architectural work so far?

We have numerous and very different projects realized, such as the Formula One race track of the Circuit de Catalunya , several hotels, office buildings and private houses. The way I see it, our greatest success is likely to be, however, offer a comprehensive architectural power spectrum, which is fully in accordance with the wishes and needs of our long-standing customers.

What do you love about your job?

Working as an architect involves a significantly creative component in itself, of course, interested me greatly. The nicest thing is that every project is always a new challenge and brings new opportunities to learn with it.

What do you base yourself on your design work?

In the first place we familiarize ourselves with the surrounding architecture. Certain elements we then take over and bring you to our office in our own, modern plans a. The large architectural models, in which we orient ourselves in our work, are Josep Antoni Coderch , Frank Lloyd Wright , Arne Jacobsen and Alvar Aalto .

What products or materials you have taken in your designs? Play local aspects play a role?

Old and new trimmed tile and stone walls in conjunction with flat roofs, large windows and porches are one of the most important elements that we consider in our designs.

How many houses or apartments your office currently working on?

In the case of PGA, we design and build completely different living units: some detached houses, 15 semi-detached houses and 65 apartments.


For whatever reason you decided for the area of La Vinya of Camiral?

We won the tendered by Camiral idea competition. In this way, we had the fantastic opportunity to be involved in La Vinya.

Can the owner influence on your work, so as to arrive at a customized solution?

Over time we have realized that to obtain the best results if you work exclusively with the customer, and this approach, we want also to La Vinya retained without affecting the future owners can somehow intervene in our work.